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In the beginning...

Late in the evening at Shibaricon 2012 Marcus (MarcTaylor), Matt (MrMatt_PFM), and Scott (-Elwood-) were hanging out with a room full of drunk Canadians when a young women in the room mentioned that she loved hair bondage but that no one had ever been able to tie her hair as it was thin and too silky smooth. Using a technique he had learned sometime before, Marcus grabbed a Pink Plastic Fork and used it to tie rope into her hair. The next day Marcus taught a Ropenspace class on the subject that Matt had aptly translated to Pinku No Fuko (Pink Fork). The class was a hit and suddenly people asked how they could join the “pink fork gang”. Soon after Shibaricon the logo was created, the Pink Fork Mafia was formed and the legend began.

Big Title

Pinku No Fuko

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